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MICHELE WHITBY has been an established photographer since 2004. Originally from the UK, Michele has been working as an independent photographer in France since 2013.

Digital Photography has moved on leaps and bounds since the days of 35mm filmed cameras. Now using up to the minute DLSR EOS camera technology, it is essential for producing high quality and art-based photography. Photographs in 2019 are not the flat focused photographs of yesteryear. Now they are more about offering timeless pieces of Art in your home or your business, timeless images of your wedding or celebration

Based throughout the whole of Nouvelle Aquitaine, Michele recognised the gap in the market place for a photographer who waspersonable, yet professional, understanding the needs of her clients and their budgets. Speaking both french and English, Michele is able to communicate with her french speaking and English speaking clients.
This is essential for French/English weddings!!

"Your wedding day holds such unforgettable memories; your model portfolio is your key to your future career; your home design is essential for the resale of your property; promoting your business through photography is key to succeed". 

 "Choosing the right photographer and discussing your ideas with the person behind the lens is essential for two way sucess........Love your images!" 

Big Bang Photographie. 
Originally started in 2013 and named from when her children adored the show "The Big Bang Theory" and then marrying the idea of old photography, when the cameras of old used to 'bang' to create the picture!

Not that any bangs are created from my camera!! I work with a Canon D MKII EOS DSLR along with a variety of lenses from sports long distance lens, to Macro lens photography. You have a choice of photography at your location; on-location or I have a home studio where I use a variety of backdrops, lighting and equipment.

I have been working as a commercial photographer, mainly concentrating on property and advertising work. But my love of wedding photography, model portfolios; school and family portraits, are undoubtedly my favourite, as sharing and making memories is a wonderful opportunity.

Please do enjoy looking through my website and you will see the quality of my work; attention to detail and my unique style.

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Michele Whitby

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